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Decorate our Christmas tree! – Creative expression, Fine motor, Muscle control – Best gift for Christmas

Using our @momsboard_sg today to decorate our Christmas tree! I included some gel clings as decorations as well which was a hit with XY! I left the transparent magnets on and let XY hang up the “ornaments” which requires fine motor skills and muscle control. XY chose what coloured decorations he wanted on the tree, what size (big, […]

★★★★★ He actually went to turn off his ipad and returned to his seat to continue playing the oioiooi blocks.

(Updated on 31/Oct) From the day we received our oioiooi wooden blocks , it has become our daily routine to play with it before bedtime (unless i came home very late). (Posted on 24/Oct) New toy! I hide it in my wardrobe and asked him to go and find it! It didn’t took him long […]