How to care for my Momsboard?

1. What markers can I use on Momsboard?

Only use whiteboard markers (of any brand) to write on the board.  Do note that pressing tips of markers hard against the board can damage the coating of the board.

2. How to secure the board? Is drilling the only way to fix?

Our recommendation is drilling and hanging the board as safety is paramount. There are hooks and screws packed with the user guide.
Ensure to take note the weight of the board if you go with other options which you feel the most comfortable such as using heavy duty mounting tape/velcro etc.

M size : 5.8kg | M+ size : 7.5kg | L size 10kg | Ice-cream board : less than 4kg

3. What is the material? Is it made of glass?

No worries, it is not glass and fragile.
It’s made of aluminium and POSCO steel sheet which make the board durable. The backing of the board is made of E0 grade MDF which is Eco-friendly.

4. Do I need to remove the film?

Yes, we recommend removing the film if you intend to use the board for writing.
Use a damp cloth or wet wipes to wipe the board to remove any leftover sticky residue after removing the film. Ensure that the surface is fully dry before writing on it.


5. How do I erase the stubborn mark on my board?

Basically, you may use our whiteboard eraser, baby wipes or a damp cloth to clean your board daily basis.
*Do ensure board is fully dry before the next use
*Replace the eraser if it is worn out

If the marker ink has been on the board for some time, it will be a little hard to erase, hence you may use our whiteboard cleaner to make cleaning hassle free so as not to damage the coating.

6. My child accidentally uses permanent markers to doodle on Momsboard, what should I do?

Overwrite it with a whiteboard marker immediately and erase off with whiteboard eraser, baby wipes or damp cloth.

7. I see some scratches on my Momsboard after my children play with the magnets.

If magnets used during play activities, please refrain from dragging across the board as it may cause scratches and damage the coating. The magnets we are carrying are mainly soft magnets, but it is still not recommended to drag it across the board.