MODU'I - Ceramic Container
MODU'I - Ceramic Container
MODU'I - Ceramic Container
MODU'I - Ceramic Container

MODU'I - Ceramic Container

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MODU'I Ceramic Containers hold so many strengths!
99% Anti-Bacterial, Non-Absorbent and Aseptic, Heat-resistant Container for Rice Cookers, Easy storage, Far-infrared Radiation, Entirely washable & for Various uses~
It’s for our child to use…
When plastic undergoes continuous use and washing, minute scratches can cause emission of environment hormones and other harmful substances. The usual safe “BPA FREE” that we hear will also release environmental hormones as the raw material comes from substances of petroleum.
What is BPA? = Bisphenol
Plastic made from by-products of raw petroleum is likely to be detected with the emission of the environment hormone Bisphenol A. If the product is used for a long period, there may be occurences of harmful substances being emitted. You would then have to avoid putting the product in the microwave for more than 4 minutes, or to disinfect it in boiling water. Just like how products made with plastic like milk bottles and straw cups require changing of their plastic parts, baby food containers made of plastic must also be changed.
Non-absorbant Aseptic Ceramic Scratches do not form due to the glaze coating, detergent or impurities will not be stuck, pungent smells and colours will not stain the bowl as well so you do not have to change it at all! Not only it is not harmful, but it is a material that gets stronger as you continue to use with exposure to infra-red radiation! From the raw material that is not designed to be BPA FREE, the real safe baby food container is Blue Mama MODU'I Ceramic Baby Food Container. You can use it safely for a long time.
When heating up baby food in microwaves, the microwaves that is emitted from the microwave passes through the ceramic and changes it into infra-radiation, which is healthy for the human body. The baby food then can be cooked without losing any of its nutrients and releasing additional environmental hormones so it can be enjoyed safely.
MODU'I has it all! The more you use, the smarter it gets!
Do not use any container! 
You must definitely start your baby food phase with MODU'I Ceramic Containers as it is antibacterial through infra-red radiation.
It makes our children [special and healthy].
Our children who are sensitive to the smallest bacteria!
The ceramic containers are anti-bacterial so it will not cultivate food poisoning bacteria, making it safe for use. The ceramic emits infra-red from within, maintaining freshness for our children to enjoy their food without any loss of nutrients.
MODU'I Ceramic Container was made in a special way. At a temperature of 1300 degrees, the product is not baked speedily but created over the time of 24 hours, with 2 rounds of baking to ensure that no environment hormones and harmful substances are released for safe use. A locally made product from South Korea created with environmentally friendly material ‘soil’, is strong and durable, which makes it hard to break even when it is dropped by accident. You can safely put hot baby food inside without any worries about the environment hormones as the safe baby food container is 99% anti-bacterial and radiates infra-red. You can believe in the raw material of the product, where you can’t even compare it to glass or plastic.
Durability Comparison Test
Ceramic Container VS Glass 
Normal glass container (RIGHT) MODU'I Ceramic Container 
This is a video where we dropped both containers from a height of 1m.
MODU'I Ceramic Container wins!
** TIP** It’s possible to stack the containers safely to maximise space usage and makes the refrigerator much more vibrant.
You don’t have to wait for the baby food to cool before putting it into the containers for refridgerator or freezer storage. There will not be any incidents of the container breaking apart because of temperature differences and it is much more convenient as you can instantly thaw the frozen baby food. (Microwaves, boiling water, steamer are all possible) You do not have thaw it at room temperature before heating the container up like other glass containers.
With the silicon lid closed on the ceramic container, it prevents any air flow in and out and has a stronger air-tight function compared to other baby food containers (plastic, glass). You can keep easily-spoilt baby food without spoiling it. EVEN for bananas, which is known to go bad easily due to oxidisation can be kept in the container with no changes for more than 4 hours! Since putting in water will also not cause any leakages, bring soup outdoors to enjoy without worrying any smell or liquid leaking out of the container at all. If you keep the lid on when heating the product, the microwaves will not be exposed to the baby food so you can enjoy your moist food safely after heating it up~
All washing methods are possible. From disinfection with boiling water, microwaves, sterilisers to dishwashers Even the lid, made of platinum silicon can also be washed so that the product can be used hygienically with no worries of mold or impurities being stuck. (There will not be any stretches or changes in shape due to the sterilisation)
It is definitely normal to think that sterilisation of children’s products as the most important thing to do. Please refrain from using plastic-made containers as they have to be changed frequently since they will emit environment hormones or harmful substances due to scratches from using the product.
TIP: Curious about washing and sterilising ceramics!
Blue Mama Modu i ceramic products do not absorb or emit any detergent during the washing process! As it is a children’s product, it’s good to use it carefully but it is safe as a ceramic product. So long as abrasive sponges are not used, normal sponges and detergent can be used to clean the product well. When sterilising, the product will not break apart when placed in boiling water. We recommend 1 to 2 minutes for sterilisation through boiling water. Also, when taking the container out from the freezer, you can immediately put it into the microwave for thawing so it is healthier and much more convenient compared to glass or other products!

With a total of 250ML as capacity, you can use the container with no worries even after the children have increased their appetites. When buying the smaller 100 ~ 150ML containers, the amount of food that children take in increases very quickly, and you will have to buy a larger container again. (You cannot use the container for long periods and you end up throwing them away) Compared to small containers, why not use a safe and huge ceramic container from the start, so you can use it for a long time. 
The scale markings are located on the insides of the baby food containers so you can check how much the child has eaten. With the scale markings, you can adjust the volume and control the amount of food eaten and prevent the child from early stages of obesity.
You probably have not seen any baby food container that can used for steaming dishes in microwaves and rice cookers.
Microwave Zero-water cooking
Our 250ml Ceramic Container has no hole on the lid, remember to open the lid slightly when heating in the microwave! 
When steaming vegetables and sprouts with heat, there may be loss of nutrients Using the ceramic container without water, you can cook them easily and quickly within 1 to 5 minutes, it is much tastier and the nutrients are not lost! The taste remains and you can cook it without water, without thawing. Since it is cooked with light and not heat, it will not dry up and reduces the loss of nutrients. There is no need for water, oil or additional thawing process. It is a healthy and convenient cooking method with no steam or smell released.
Rice Cooker Insulation Container
Rice Cooker Baby Food is a starter for mid-weaning phase! The container can be used as a insulation container so that the baby food does not mix with the broth and you can make the baby food separately in the way you want, according to the ingredients you need.
Boiling water
Good multi-use even when boiling with hot water. When boiling, there will not be any damages or change in shape so you can boil for a long period without releasing any harmful subsatnces for convenient and safe use.
Heating up frozen baby food
Frozen baby food right from the freezer can be heated up without thawing it beforehand.
Usable in Master Machine
A size that fits right in the master machine
Making steamed eggs easily
Put it in the microwave for around 1 to 3 minutes~
 (The voltage for the microwaves is different in each house so it is good to check if it’s cooking well) ONLY MODU'I’s Ceramic Container can do all these!!!
National Accreditation Examination Research Institute KOTITI Harmful substances were all undetected
Test results of the ceramic container [KOTITI]
Trust in Blue Mama MODU'I Products
Using anthracite glazing, the safe ceramic container where lead, cadmium, arsenic and other harmful impurities were not detected through official inspection agencies. The ceramic is certified and trustworthy to be a safe product.
INTERTEK - World’s Best Inspection Agency Intertek
KOTITI - National Official Inspection Agency
KCL - State-certified test inspection of relevant agencies under Ministry of Industry and Trade
KICET - Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology
SGS - International Standard Procedure Compliance World Inspection Certification Company
Platinum Catalyst components test certification
Raw Ingredients harmful components test certification
Approved to have no detection of harmful ingredients in both Official International Agencies [INTERTEK, SGS, FDA] and Official Local Agencies [KOTITI, KCL, KICET] The value is not at a level of 10 or 20, but 0!
Although you can see “raw materials certification” in most products, you cannot find “complete product certification” anywhere! This product from Blue Mama Modu i is a safe product approved by official agencies.
At MODU'I, we are searching for the right baby food container.
When pasted on ceramic containers, the stickers will not leave any marks after removing! Be together with Blue Mama MODU'I as your child embarks on his first baby food moments ^^
What’s different about Blue Mama MODU'I Baby Food Utensils?
How to close the lid?
Press downwards and press it while drawing a circle around the edges of the container.
#Things to take note during use and ways to maintain
1. Please do not clean it with tough textures like iron sponges. There may be scratch marks when cleaning it with tougher materials like iron sponges, please wash the product with smoother sponges.
2. When using sharp objects, please be careful. When using forks and knives, there may be scratches and the printed portions may be peeled off.
3. Please take note when storing the product. When you stack the products for storage, the bended areas and printed portions may be peeled off or have scratch marks, it will be good to place paper between the layers to stack the products properly.
4. Do not use brute force on the product. The product may break or be chipped if dropped from a high height or when brute force is used against it.
5. Microwave, dishwasher, oven Please wipe away all moisture if you are using the microwave and oven. The sudden change in temperature may cause cracks. For dishwashers, if it is not washed at very high temperatures for a long time, it is fine to use for washing the product. The ceramic product can be used in microwaves, but please do not put it inside together with gold, silver, fake gold products.
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