MODU'I - Silicon Cube Tray
MODU'I - Silicon Cube Tray
MODU'I - Silicon Cube Tray
MODU'I - Silicon Cube Tray

MODU'I - Silicon Cube Tray

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Recommended Colour Combinations
12 Part Pink, 6 Part Mint, 4 Part Beige
12 Part Cream, 6 Part Butter, 4 Part Green Bean
With the soft silicon, there’s no need for twisting the cube. Simply push the bottom of the cube and it SLIDES~ out easily.
It does not even have any remains left after pushing out the ingredients in each cube so it’s convenient to wash it too!
Since you don’t have to twist it hard or hit it for the ingredients to come out, you can use it comfortably.
You can prepare the meat, vegetables and broth beforehand and store them in the cube according to the volume.
When you need to cook your baby food, easily push the ingredients out one by one and your baby food is complete!
Each container varies in size so you can match the ingredients by number of cubes to consume your food easily. ^^
The gauge of ingredients may be different for the different kinds of ingredients placed inside the container so it is recommended to also weigh your ingredients before placing them into the cubes.
Even icy snacks for kids.
When making fried rice, egg rolls, and grilled short rib patties for your children, you can also store the side dishes and other ingredients easily with the containers!
In the kitchen, you can store garlic, other seasonings and also broth~
Using the cube to heat up the finished product!
After freezing the baby food, you can take out the amount of cubes you want and place them in your baby food bowls and heat them up easily for consumption!
It’s always tough to make baby food every time you need it.
Simply by making baby food only once and freezing it, you can enjoy the comfort of heating up the cubes when you need them!
You can safely stabilise the containers up to make organisation in the fridge much easier.
Let’s create a clean and neat refridgerator ^^
The entire cube can be washed, even the lid!
Put it in boiling water, microwaves, dishwashers, oven, sanitising machines and wash them with detergent with no worries!
Dishwasher, boiling water, oven, microwave, feeding bottle sterilisers are all usable for washing the product.
(Direct fire exposure is not allowed / heat-resisting temperature up to 250 degrees, please use the product under appropriate temperatures to protect the product for long term use.)
(In the case of feeding bottle sterilisers, there may be special scents coming from the product after using UV sanitisation so please take note.)

 As it is made of soft silicon, it will not break after dropping it so you can use it safely without worries.

(Please take note that due to the nature of the material, if knife, scissors or any sharp item touches the material by accident, it may tear apart.)

If it’s frozen and too hard to push the ingredients out, please leave the product at room temperature for roughly 3 minutes before slightly pushing the bottom of the cubes. The ingredients should easily slip out of the cube for use.

When putting in the ingredients, please leave a gap of roughly 0.3cm before covering it with the lid.

After putting the ingredients, make sure to cover the container well with the lid by pressing down on the lid tightly ^^



Spending the special moments of your child’s first baby food with MODU'I ^^

MODU'I’s silicon baby food cube is not an airtight container, it is a “storage container” where you can separate your ingredients
according to the volume you need and also keep it in freeze storage.

Please note that the lid and body is not airtight entirely.

12 Part (Cream, Pink)

6 Part (Mint, Butter)


4 Part (Green Bean, Beige)


During the manufacturing process, these are all natural phenomena and are thus not allowed as reasons for exchange or refunds.

1. When the silicon is placed in the mould during the compression, some vague lines are created and they remained on the container.

2. There may be instances where there are 1 to 2 dots, where the colour is not spread well across the container during the production of the product.
They will not drop off and are not harmful to the human body so be assured that the product is still safe for use.

3. During the production process, there may be scratches or marks created. Although we do conduct quality checks, if it is severe, please contact us for an exchange/refund.

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