MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup
MODU'I - Straw Cup

MODU'I - Straw Cup

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MODU'I Straw Cup’s perfect points!
If it is troublesome to wash,
Remove the anti-backflow cap when using at home! It works like other companies’ straw cup. If you need a cup that does not spill it is a must to attach the anti-backflow cap when going outdoors! It will not spill with the attachment of the anti-backflow cap.

MODU'I Straw Cup can be used in various ways from a Milk Bottle to a Straw Cup~
Combining the MODU'I PPSU body with a Teat, it becomes a Milk Bottle!

Combine it with a Straw Teat, it becomes a Spout Cup!
Combine it with a Straw Teat and a Tube it becomes a Straw Cup!
From start to end, using just MODU'I Straw Cup - For 4-5 Months old kids who are still practicing how to use Straw Cups, attach a Teat instead of MODU'I's premium Straw Cup Straw Teat to use it as a Straw Teat bottle.
What if our kid fidgets a lot?! 

Attach the weighted straw teat on top of the straw teat bottle. For 6 months old babies who are starting to use their first straw cups? We recommend the weighted straw kit!
Some of the brands that can be paired with our bottles: DoubleHeart, U-piece, MotherK, Gromimi and more. Most Y-type teats can be attached to our bottles.
** Avent and Doctor Brown teats cannot be paired with our bottles.
As you use our products, change between the straw teats and straw every 2 to 3 months for a cleaner and more hygienic use.
MODU'I Straw Cup can be filled with cold drinks and will not spill over too!
MODU'I Straw Cup does not spill over! There is a special anti-backflow disk so it does not spill when you shake it or flip it over! In that sense, PER - FECT!
When filling up drinks higher than room temperature or cold drinks in other companies’ straw cups, the pressure difference will cause the drink to flow back out through the straw. MODU'I Straw Cup’s Anti-Backflow Cap reduces the pressure difference and prevents the drink from flowing back out. Room temperature drinks, cold or hot beverages (below 60 degrees) are definitely not spilling over even when the bottle is flipped over.
The Straw Teat is in a cross-cut shape, it prevents any contents from spilling and also helps the child to drink better with its controlled suction abilities.
** If ice-cold drinks are placed in the bottle, condensation may happen on the surface of the straw. It is not spillage so please do not worry.
Among the many Straw Cups, MODU'I Straw Cup is different.
What is PPSU Material?
Special plastic material that is used for surgical tools, it does not emit environmental hormones and is extremely lightweight with both durability and heat-resistance capabilities. It is a material that both mommy and baby can use safely.For the body that touches the contents, we use PPSU Material! In the surgical field, the PPSU material that is also used, is a material that can withstand acidic, alkali and also heat resistance of up to 200 degree celsius. The material can be soaked or disinfected by steam, and we pride ourselves with using this outstanding resisting and durable material.
Because it’s used by our children, all parts are made locally for safe use.
A lid that is designed ergonomically for easy handling and easy opening!
[Straw teat / straw]
Soft silicon material that kids can chew on and drink through easily!
[Anti-backflow cap]
MODU'I’s special point We help prevent backflow due to pressure difference! Cold or hot beverages, neither will spill!
[PPSU Body]
The body made of PPSU material with outstanding insulation and durability. Use these BPA-FREE Environmentally friendly materials safely!
Using microwaves to heat up milk!
It is okay to use the microwave with the PPSU Body! Heating up the milk now 20 seconds! Ting! No worries about environmental hormones~! With the same PPSU material to make the body, go outdoors and simply heat up milk in microwaves with no problem! Worries about environment hormones? NONO!
From the Teat to the Handles, carefully even with the small parts!
Disinfection of the entire bottle!
Separate the parts of the MODU'I Straw Cup
Disinfect them in hot water in one shot!
1 to 2 minutes in boiling water!
Disinfection by hot water finished!
Milk bottle steriliser / Boiling water / microwave sterilisations are all OK!
For boiling water, please sterilise the bottle for 1 to 2 minutes.
** The product may be damaged if sterilised for too long.
** When sterilising with the microwave, please sterilise the product in its moist state ** There may be damages to the product if kept too long in the UV steriliser~
TIP to easily open the lid!
Twist it slightly to the side and turn it to open the lid. It can be separated easily, sterilise it as a whole!
Twist the lid slightly to open! The handle turns round and round~
Here's how you can assemble the bottle!
MODU'I Straw Cup Assemble!
1. Attach the straw teat from bottom up
2. Attach the straw onto the disk (yellow part) If you do not press tightly, the contents may spill over Please press the straw onto the disk tightly.
Place the handle on the body! Complete it by placing the attached disk and straw onto the body and turning it tightly! With the lid, tadah!
Straw Cup Additional Components Products
01. Straw Teats & Straw 2P Set
Top quality liquified silicon as material where kids will not reject, easy to bite, interchangeable straw set comes with 2 pieces in 1 pack.
The recommended time for changing straws is 3 months.
Components - Straw Teats 2 pieces / Straws 2 pieces
Size and Capacity Straw Teat - Entire Size: 5cm * 5.1cm (Diameter * Height) / 13grams
Straw - Entire Size: 0.8cm * 15cm (Diameter * Height) 6 grams
Material - Silicon (-10 degrees to 110 degrees) LSR (Liquified Silicon) Recommended age - 6 Months Old and above
02. Disk & Weighted Straw Kit
A rounded weight added on the normal tubes, there is no need to use a separate bottle for sitting down and another bottle for lying down.
** If the weighted straw is cut to below 11cm, the weighted straw will not be bent easily.
Components Weight - Polypropylene, copper
Straw - Silicon
Anti-backflow cap - Tritan
Size and Capacity
Weight - 1.5cm * (9 grams) / Straw - 0.5cm * 14(~17cm) / Anti-backflow cap - 4.4cm * 2.4cm
03. Lid&Ring Set
Components Lid - Polypropylene Ring - Polypropylene Colour (Lid, Ring) Pink, Mint, Beige, Cream, Butter, Greenbean Size and Capacity Lid - 6cm * 5.4cm Ring 6cm * 2cm
04. Handle (Single product)
Components Handle - Polypropylene Colours (Handle)
Pink, Mint, Beige, Cream, Butter, Greenbean Size and Capacity Handle - 10cm * 6.3cm
05. Interchangeable Body (200ML & Ring & Lid)
Changing just the straw teats usable as a spout cup or milk bottle!
Handle and teat not included
Components Lid - Polypropylene Ring - Polypropylene Body - PPSU Colours (Lid, Ring) Pink, Mint, Beige, Cream, Butter, Greenbean Size and Capacity Lid - 6cm * 5.4cm Ring - 6cm * 2cm Body 200ML - 10cm * 6.8cm
06. Interchangeable Body (260ML & Ring & Lid)
Changing just the straw teats usable as a spout cup or milk bottle!
Handle and teat not included
Components Lid - Polypropylene Ring - Polypropylene Body - PPSU Colours (Lid, Ring) Pink, Mint, Beige, Cream, Butter, Greenbean Size and Capacity Lid - 6cm * 5.4cm Ring - 6cm * 2cm Body 260ML - 12.5cm * 6.5cm
Cleaning Products Components
Product - Milk bottle brush 2p Set Colours - Grey Size
Milk Bottle Brush: Total length 32cm
Teat Brush: Total length 17cm
With a premium high quality filter foam material, the Modu i milk bottle sponge brush + teat brush that does not leave a scratch!
08. Straw Cleaning Brush 1P
Product - Straw Cleaning
Brush Colours - Grey Size - straw cleaning brush -
Total length 25cm
For the insides of the straw that is hard to clean, for the small entrance of the long weighted straw, clean it easily with no problems.
09. Milk Bottle Steriliser Tongs
Product - Milk Bottle Tongs
Colours - Grey Size - 30cm
The ending part of the tongs is in the shape of a saw, with a rubber material that prevents the smaller straws from slipping out, it provides a safe feeling where nothing will slip or fall out
Detail Cut
[Please take note when using]
 Before using, clean every single part of the product.
There might be danger to the child if parts of the damaged silicon is swallowed by the child, please ensure that there are no damaged parts before using the product. Please use the product with parental or guardian guidance.
 For the safety of children, please check that the temperature of breast milk is appropriate, and below 40 degrees.
If the straw is bitten or chewed on, the product may be at risk of being damaged.
To ensure no spillage, please ensure that the parts are assembled tightly. (Please check the product page videos)
Please do not place carbonated drinks or hot drinks above 50 degrees.
Please be aware that the silicon material of the straw teats and tubes may change in colour due to UV exposure.
When disinfecting with boiling water, do not soak the parts beyond 1 minute.
The product may change in shape if disinfected in boiling water for a long period.

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