MODU'I - Thermal Bottle & Food Jar Set
MODU'I - Thermal Bottle & Food Jar Set
MODU'I - Thermal Bottle & Food Jar Set

MODU'I - Thermal Bottle & Food Jar Set

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This Set includes 1 Thermal Bottle & 1 Food Jar of the same chosen colour.
Design / Insulation / Safe material
ONnDO’s Thermal Jar & Thermal Bottle that has it all~
The temperature I wish to drink my beverage at, even after a long time I can keep it at its “warmth” and “cool”.
There may be a slight difference in weight according to the position of where you place the product on the weighing scale.
It comes in 3 parts so that it can be easily separated and put together.
Outstanding insulation technique equipped with the best options! This product holds the best insulation techniques that no one can copy.
The usual kitchen utensils and other porridge bottles as well as tumblers make use of STS304 and STS201 stainless steel material. Blue Mama decided to use STS316 (inner body), STS304 (outer body) so that the products can last for a long time without worrying about the product going rusty with high levels of chromium and nickel.
In the STS304 material that is commonly used, molybdenum and nickel is added to improve the corrosion resistance. As such, compared to standard materials, it is more salt resistant and has lower chances of corrosion.
It is excellent when it comes to corrosion resistance against high temperatures and it also underwent a excellent hardening process.
This is the most harmless material that reduces the chances of allergic reactions and corrosion. For reference, STS 316 is much more expensive than STS 304. As such, STS304 is more often used to provide a cheaper price. Because STS316 is used, you can use it safely and cleanly for a long time without any worries of corrosion.
Do not remove the burdensome abrasives!
Much safer as mirror manufacturing was done after removal of all abrasives!
With the mirror manufacturing technique to create a smooth surface, residue will not stick easily and reduces smells or colour fades in the inner body surface. It is easy to clean and can be maintained hygienically.
The inner body of the product has extremely strong insulation and with the mirror manufacturing, in addition to solid coating film, corrosion resistant, high surface hardness, antioxidant and high density coating, it reduces any viruses getting stuck or any bacteria cultivation.
The technique that no one can follow, the double structure that insulates and prevents heat from escaping the bottle and is extremely outstanding in keeping the beverage/food warm or cool.
Compared to the other porridge bottle and tumbler models in the market, the insulation keeps the contents at its intended temperature for a long time and can keep the contents at its freshness.
Between the outer and inner surface is a vacuum layer in a double layered structure to prevent heat from escaping, proving its excellent insulation abilities. Due to the temperature differences, the outer surface of the product prevents condensation from happening so it’s clean and convenient. When hot content is filled, the heat does not travel out to the outer surface for safe using.

ON&DO’s secret to maintaining the temperature is in the lid.

Different from other products, we used [stainless 316 material], which is the same material as the inner surface of the tumbler instead of plastic material for the inner part of the lid, where food often comes into contact with.
Equipped with [silicon packing], there is no worries about environmental hormones even when in contact with hot content and can be used safely.
With additional insulation thanks to the [silicon packing] in the inner part of the lid, temperature insulation can go on for a long period of time.
As a screw type that tightens from within, the product carries an extraordinary airtight capabilities and the content inside will not seep through.
With a modern design of diamond cutting,
it has an outstanding grip and you can easily open the lid.
At the bottom of the bottle is a non-slip pad that prevents slipping for people to use it safely. When putting it down, it also reduces the impact and noise.
With a sophisticated matte coat finishing for the outer surface, it maintains a smooth texture so you can touch it even if it contains hot ingredients and it is also condensation-resistant when it contains cold ingredients. Tumbler & Porridge bottle’s outer surface is made with the sophisticated stainless 304 material for you to use it safely.
Inside the body of the Porridge bottle & Tumbler you can check the volume exactly with the scale markings (ml standard).
If you fill it up beyond the expected level, the content may spill over when closing the bottle with the lid.
Ultra light weight for Portable Use
With its light weight, it is great for outdoor use. A good grip that goes right in one hand, with strong airtight abilities, you can use it during various activities.
Hygienic and convenient cleaning
Porridge Bottle Cleaning
With its wide opening, it can be cleaned easily without much burden. It can be separated into [3-part structure] so you can remove the lid’s silicon packing with your hands. It is convenient to maintain it hygienically and easy to clean.
** After cleaning, please wipe all remaining water and dry it well.

Take note when using the product
- Avoid placing product’s outer surface near high temperatures.
- Due to the matte finishing, there may be scratch mark.
- Please only use the product for insulation purposes.
- When hot liquids are filled in the bottle, please be careful of possible scalding, and try to prevent children from touching the bottle entirely.
- When liquids are inside the bottle for a long period of time, stains can possibly form, so we recommend using the bottle and washing it immediately after.
- If you fill the bottle to its brim, the content will overflow when capped with the lid.
- After washing, please make sure that the silicon cap marking is attached properly. again to the lid before using. If not attached properly, the contents can spill easily. - Please do not drop the product or cause huge impact to the product as it can cause defects.
- When filling the product with liquids that have salt, please remove it within 12 hours and wash it cleanly.
- Please do not keep these liquids inside the product.
- dry ice, carbonated drinks: the inner pressure increases causing either the lid to be stuck or the content to overflow.
- Please do not place cling wrap between the body and the lid of the product. It could become the reason for defects or contents to overflow or cause scald injuries.
- Please do not try to mend or dismantle it for remodelling or convert it to something else.
- Please do not put it into the microwave.
- When a hot drink is in the product, do not tilt the product quickly and drink it slowly. (It may cause scald injuries)
- Do not use chloride based bleach on the lid and do not use bleach on the outer surface of the product.
- Please do not use thinners, benzene, metal sponges, abrasives, cleansers or chloride based bleaches on the product.
- Before using, clean every single part of the product. After using it, wash it immediately and ensure that it’s fully dried before the next use.
- When not used for a long period of time, make sure the product is fully dried and place it in a dry, cooling and shaded area for storage.
- This product can only be handwashed. If washed with a dishwasher or dish dryer, the product may be damaged.
- When handwashing the product, please use soft sponges and neutral detergents. Strong sponges may cause scratch marks.
- You can wash the product cleanly with bottle brushes or sponges.

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