We celebrated so many things in front of the board

Our Weekend is always for spending time with the girls. This will be another fun packed weekend for us.

And when we spend time at home on the weekend, the kitchen set and the @momsboard_sg magnetic board is what the girls play with the most.

I feel that children are inherently Creative and I love that a kitchen set and white board allows them to expand their creativity. .

Now that Keira is learning to draw and write, our JeJe House board is perfect for her to show us what she learned for the week. In fact, we celebrated so many things in front of the board like, her writing her name for the first time, when she could write from one to ten, when she showed us her dinosaur drawings and when we get the ball into our roll and goal, the whole room cheers. .

As for the White board, totally #notsponsored but @momsboard_sg has a pop up in @beautynthebiz.sg this week with exclusive bundle deals and free gifts with purchase. So it’s the perfect time to buy one if you are thinking about it, I even bought another one as a gift yesterday. .

Have a good weekend everyone!! Cheers