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How do I earn points? Make an order
  • Any purchase at will give you points.
  • $1 SGD spent = 10 points (excludes shipping fee)
Refer your friends
  • You will get 2,000 point (=value of $4) once your friend leaves your email address as referee on ‘Note’ field when ordering.
  • Your friend will also get 1,000 points (=value of $2) as he/she is YOUR friend.
  • Please bear in mind that the referee must be our existing member and the email must be already registered at If the email address is not an existing one or invalid one due to typo, there would be no points given this time. So, please do make sure to leave the correct one.
How do I claim rewards? 500points ($50 spent) = $1
  • You can enjoy discounts using accumulated points from previous transaction.
  • There is no minimum amount of points to unlock the rewards program.
  • You can even enjoy a few cents of discount by using accumulated points if you want.
  • The reward points expire after 1 year.
How do I check my points? You can always keep track of your points by clicking on ‘My Account → Points’. Once you put items in cart, there would be notification of how many points you’ll earn from this order, and how many points you can use for this order. What is Monthly Review Event? Your experience and satisfaction is very important to us. Please feel free to give us your feedback anytime. If your kiddos love our products and you are happy with your choice? Please share it with other parents on IG or FB with tagging us so more children can get benefits from momsboard. @momsboard_sg #momsboardsg #momsboard_review As appreciation, we pick 2 best reviewers every month (Last Monday) and the winners will earn 20,000 points (worth $40) on our website for next shopping. Hope you fully enjoy our rewards program!