FREE SHIPPING above S$100 (SG)
Earn 10 Reward Points with every review!* Yippie!

Points and Rewards


1. Earn points (Place an order)

10 Points for every $1 spent

Automatically saved in your account. (Email)
*Point expiration : 1 year from earning date
*Point calculated based on the order value "Before GST".


2. Earn Reward points (Reviews)

Reward Points: 10 points awarded for every review 
*Please ensure that you've already created an account with us!


3. Rewards points

Discount coupon redeem

More points, more value
Minimum value redeemable: $2.50 (2,500 points)  
*Rewards Coupon expiration: 1 year from redeemed date

3. Tutorials

1) Mobile

2) Desktop


1. Login to your account.
* If you don't have account yet, please register and activate the acount first.
The point will not be generated to the account not activated.
2. Shopping and cart in your items.
3. Click "Rewards" button at bottom-left.
4. Click "Redeem" button to redeem your points to coupon.
* Available highest value of coupon will be appeared automatically.
5. Click "Apply code".
6. Go to "Check out" page.
7. Redeem value will be applied at check out page. 
* To check discount code and detail, please click "show order summary" dropdown menu (only for mobile user)


4. How to check my points?

Click "Rewards " button at bottom-left.
You can see your point on the top of the window opened.


1) Mobile


2) Desktop


1. TOKI point is issued for the orders placed on our official website, only. The purchase from other channels, such as baby fair, online marketplace, retail partners, etc, is not claimable.
2. Points and Rewards policy is subject to change as the direction of ToppingsKids management without any notice.
Thanks for your understanding.

Happy Parenting with TOKI!!

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