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VIP Membership


I want to be part of the TOKI VIP Family!

This VIP membership programme is one of the ways that TEAM TOKI wishes to repay our love to our TOKI family. We are ever grateful for your unwavering love and support towards ToppingsKids. Beyond the quality items that we promise, we wish to enhance your shopping experience with the VIP membership programme. 

Simply spend a minimum amount of $1,500 on to be qualified for our VIP membership programme. Team TOKI will be contacting new VIPs every Tuesday of each week (as of 31 August 2021). 


What are the perks of being a TOKI VIP?

All VIPS are entitled to: 

  • Lifetime membership
  • 5% store-wide discount to all regular-priced items and discounted items
    Discount Code: TokiVIP
  • Early access to certain new arrivals
  • TOKI Cash Vouchers at the events and/or at randomised timings. Wait for the surprise!

We will be selecting some VIPs with the highest spending amount and/or most number of recent transactions within 6 months from time to time, inviting them to special VIP events! 


Important Notice: Please Read

For our TOKI family who have been with us since the start, we migrated to a new website in April 2020. After the migration, all points from the old website are successfully transferred and we have safely kept all transactions (including your spending amount) from the previous website. We will be combining the amount you have spent from the old website with the amount you have spent on the new website, but only until the end of the year (31st December 2020). With effect from 1st January 2021, any cumulative amount from the old website will not be calculated towards the VIP programme. 

Please also take note that the cumulative amount of $1,500 does not include and cannot be combined with other online marketplaces, shopping platforms or with physical purchases made during Trade Shows (e.g Baby Fair). 

For further enquiries, please contact


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⁺ToppingsKids reserve the right to amend the VIP membership structure without prior notification. 

⁺Please note that discounts cannot be stacked together with reward points. 

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