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ToppingsKids' 2nd Anniversary Party - What's Your Colour?

ToppingsKids' 2nd Anniversary Party - What's Your Colour?

We recently held ToppingKids’ second VIP party on a sunny lit November 9th afternoon. In the midst of our office operations, we have been preparing for this event for the past 2 months. We were filled with excitement when we began setting up the space in the early morning for our VIP guests. We decided to hold the party at Club Coco Nut in Tanglin Mall. Being a multidisciplinary space for families and a big supporter of ToppingsKids, it was the perfect place to hold our party. 

We decorated the area with beautiful flowers and yellow balloons, our trademark, with the Club Coco Nut teachers to create a wonderful playing space for the children. As 11am neared, familiar faces started appearing at the doorstep and our second VIP party began! 

There was a guestbook, for our amazing customers to write in as everyone went around greeting each other. It was also the first time we revealed our Reve and Jeje house boards. The boards attracted the attention of the children very quickly, where they played freely and enjoyed themselves minutes into the party. 


The founder of ToppingsKids, Chloe Hwang, took some time to thank the guests for coming to the party with a short speech. She then introduced the founders of Club Coco Nut, where they gave a quick presentation of the area, their in-house programmes and how they came to become fans of ToppingKids. We’re ever thankful for their support and for collaborating with us this time. 

At our first VIP party, we prepared Korean food for the guests, not realising that it was not Halal. This time, we prepared a different buffet so that all our guests are able to enjoy to their hearts’ content!

After a scrumptious lunch, we arranged two different events. We engaged the Club Coco Nut teachers to conduct an art class for the toddlers. Named ‘Have Fun with Snowkids’, the teachers helped the toddlers to draw and paint freely with our Snowkids products. 


We also teamed up with Enstories, to prepare a ‘Wooden Toy colouring session’ for the older children and their parents. Seeing them paint their ideas into reality was a magical sight for us. This session was also a key introduction to the importance of home based learning and how parents and their children can come together for some bonding time.  

With our Atopalm fanbase going strong, we held an exclusive promotion with a special corner at the party. One of our TOKI family members even asked before the party if she could bring her mother along as her mother was a huge fan of Atopalm. It was our pleasure to meet another Atopalm fan, so we agreed. Look how happy they are with their Atopalm products! :-) 

As the party was coming to an end, we held our finale activity. Staying true to our motto, we wanted to create an unconstrained space where the children could create and paint freely, so we hung a large white banner on the wall. The children and their parents went around the banner, spraying paint, dipping their hands into the vibrant colours and making their marks on the banner. 

Slowly, the banner lit up with vibrance, revealing the hidden ToppingsKids logo, one of its kind, coloured by the little hands that came to the party. Thank you little ones, for giving us such a meaningful present! Using Snowkids products, the safe ingredients inside the paint caused no damage to any of our beautiful little guests and we were able to complete the activity safely. 


Some of our members congratulated ToppingsKids for turning two! We are so lucky and thankful to have your unwavering support. 

Before our TOKI family members left, they picked up a carefully curated exclusive goodie bag, which included Snowkids products, Atopalm samples and a mini Jeje board. Holding onto a goodie bag on one hand and a yellow balloon on the other, we bid our lovely guests goodbye~

We are ever grateful to our VIPs for the constant support and unwavering love for our brand. We cannot wait to see more TOKI family members join us next year at our third VIP party!



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