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Great Booster

Gives me a sense of secure that i am giving something yummy yet at the same time healthy for the kid.

Not bad

Nice toy to play with whiteboard but realised my 3yo sort of outgrown it and is not particularly interested. I think this is more suitable for younger children. It works well on those sticker whiteboards .

Fun to play

My child loves to play as sensory play, I got it for her bath time play but now launch Kefii bath bubble foam which can really be used in bath and safe for bathing.

Good for rice

My child ate more rice during meals when I added the seaweed flakes … she likes it and it’s not salty compared to those sold outside. A bit pricey though given the small volume.

Spray colour

Nice and the colour is bright

Grace Lee
Toki Art

This is good and big enough for them to play inside and won’t mess up everywhere. Thx

Pang pang

My kids not really enjoy this as it is easily break out.

Sand Play

My kids love it very much!

Slime kit

My kids enjoy it very much. Thx

Love the mirror

However shipment is delayed & there’s also no tape enclosed. But no big deal, we use our own 3m tapes then.

Fun, vibrant colors

Love the vibrant neon colors and the kids had loads of fun!

Yummy Chewy jello

Kids love it and it’s healthy!!!


Yummy jelly and the kids love it.

So useful for those afraid of messes

Love my Toki art mat - we stay with my parents, who are really fussy about any sort of messes my 3 toddlers (3yo twins and a 1yo) will inadvertently create. I was able to fit all plus their 2 cousins (6yo and 3yo) in the large mat and they had a ball :) of a time with their new pang pang kit, with no complaints from grandparents. I have another similar art mat that is almost half the price of Toki but there is an obvious difference in quality. Overall, Toki is definitely a great buy.

Good to have for some additional flavour.

Use it to steam egg and meat for the little one and he loves it!

solution to tangled hair

my girl's long hair tangled so easily, after using 2in1 shampoo it is so much easier to manager and comb.

definitely a good buy!

My boy has really bad ezcema skin condition where he will scratch till bleed then he will cry so badly during shower or even before going to the bathroom because all previous bath wash irritate the skin so badly, after using the top to toe wash, he love shower now and i feel that the skin is much more moisturized than before.

Cutest Mirror

The mirror got my son’s face filled with excitement and as each day goes he never fails to see his reflection there and smile! Love it!

Easy to clean and no more dried up markers

Used to have problem with missing caps and dried up markers or miss matched color caps. This is a saver and keeps the play area near. No issues with toddler drawing on wall as it’s easily cleaned off. Feels safe for their hands too easy to wash. The colours are not the intense type more light though.

my boy's favourite snack!

Have purchased these a couple a times as they are my son's favourite snacks. He chomps them down really quickly. I tried them too and am glad they are not salty at all so am okay to let my boy eat as much as he likes.

Life saving bib

Bib is so useful in collecting baby’s meds! And it’s really very easy to clean!

MOMSRACK - Reve Rack
Izaidah Mohamed Ali

MOMSRACK - Reve Rack

MODU'I - Ceramic Container

It is very useful and the quality is so so good!! Already started using it and it can be used for anything!

Repeat purchased

Nice whiteboard marker for kids!


Bought this to start decorating the kids room. Love the colours

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