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Love it so much!

My kiddo loves it so much. She’s been asking for it everyday! Tastes good for kids and adults! ◡̈

Great for kids

Been giving these to my kids everyday. They love the taste and it has helped boost their immune systems.

RSVP voucher

The redemption at the fair was easy and smooth. Will buy again for next fair. 👍🏼

Great Product, as usual

Bought each flavour to let my toddler try and he really likes it! Think it would be super convenient when traveling or on lazy days. But if the portion can be increased, it would be a perfect!

Helps to remove tough stains

Works like wonder

Both works like wonder for my 4 months old. Been using for 2 weeks and his cradle cap has healed almost 80%! Like how delicate the foam shampoo feels on his scalp for the cradle cap. The lotion is non sticky and fast absorption. Really recommend this bundle for babies, especially those with cradle cap or dry scalp. 👍🏻👍🏻


Delicious drink, hope there is juice version for spectacle thief.

Very good, recommended!


Great Product

This product has been super helpful when I notice symptoms of a flu. It has helped to reduce the use of medication!!

Best value buy! Hope to have more of such vouchers released for the next baby fair!


Bought for my new born grandson. His whole body and face were dark pink with baby acne.
We applied on his face, the next day abt 80% of the baby acne gone.

Organic Wiggly Rice Cracker

Bought this packet and brought it for a holiday and my LO finished the whole packet in 3 days!

Highly recommended

My LO loves this snacks!!! Super duper loves it and definitely repurchase again

Effective and enjoyed by kids

My 3yo woke up with discomfort in his throat in the middle of the night. Offered it to him and he shared that throat was better when he woke up in the morning and recovered after a few days. Enjoys the taste so much that he still keeps asking me if he could have it. 6yo also enjoys it!

Easy to use and safe

Great for my 3 and 6 years old who enjoys doing craft work on their own. Safe for their little hands ok

Cute colours and functional

Love the colours for this cutter! Pastel and the cutter was really easy to use. Bought it as a gift for teacher friends and they love how convenient and safe it is!

Lena Lee
Soft and fun!

Bought these as gifts and for my own child. They really enjoyed playing with the dough as it's soft and not too sticky/oily. Great material for fine motor play!

Gentle but still effective!

i love this! bought another 2 packs at the baby fair - more for myself i think!

Delicious guilt-free snack!

Didnt realise it was chocolate until it arrived. Left it in the fridge first before trying - it's such a tasty guiltfree snack! Surprisingly not sweet and really crunchy. Like a kids version of maltesers 🤣. My son and I shared one packet ❤️

Finger Cheese

My baby loves this!

One bottle just for me

Love the taste of Bye Bye Mucus. It’s a good combination of ingredients and I quite like the subtle prune element. Very palatable and easy to love.

Typically I choose a weekend to open the bottle and consume it in one seating as I prefer to drink it in room temperature (as opposed to refrigerating it after opening).

Shiok! And yes, this is for me only (adult, non parent). 🤣

Bye bye mucus is suitable for all 🫰

Not bad but I prefer Teeth and Gum ;)

Tried Teeth and Gum before and bought Green Breath to try (or maybe I bought the wrong one ;) )

I prefer the taste of Teeth and Gum and to be honest, Teeth and Gum suit my needs better.

Green Breathe is still nice though, just not my cuppa. 🤣

My fav

Tutti Frutti pear & bellflower juice is a healthy and delicious drink.

Am not a parent and is purchasing for my own consumption simply coz it’s so nice!

I like to bring a pack to office to drink at tea time. 😄😄

Thanks for bringing this to Singapore !

Mighty magical

I tried using it to clean up crayon marks on the wall! It works like magic!

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