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ATOPALM - Suncare
PengFei Ma
Not used yet

Have not used yet


Have been used it for my girl to avoid eczema.


Both myself and my girl love this.

Expensive but good

Only few strawberries inside.


Bought few times already

Taste is good

My girl love this


I like the natural taste

Not bad

I am eating more than my girl.

Lisa Azman

First time buying this, it was highly recommended by my sister! I am honestly amazed by the product!


Bought it in case the whole family caught the flu due to the rainy season. We eventually did get the flu! I heated the drink and gave to my family to drink, after constantly drinking it, our flu werent so bad anymore! Bare in mind that you will need to finish the bottle within a few days after opening it to retain the quality. So if you fear that you wont be able to finish it, best to get the individual pouches! (psst, the pouches are good for travelling)

I regret.....


Bye bye mucus - Helped to really reduce my LO cough and flu! It took some time but it has shown results!
Happy Digestion - This was a god sent! My LO was having very bad stomach flu and all the medicines doctor gave did not work. I gave her 2 each day and on the 3rd day she was pooping fine!
Sparkly Eyes - I gave her 1 a day because sometimes she is exposed to screens. She loves having this one the most!

Overall, definitely happy that I got them. She thinks its a snack while i super love because its benefits her anyways!

Repeat purchase

My 1 year old loves the abalone and beef porridge. Her whole face lights up when she sees us take the food pouch out, and can't wait for us to heat it up for her. She sees it and she wants it. Now!

Fun but it takes awhile to really dry up

It is fun and good experience for the kids, however, I think it is a little sticky and it takes quite awhile to totally dry up naturally.

It works like magic

This really make the board clean. No matter how dirty the board is, it cannot be clean by the wet wipes but this works like a magic, it will remove all the dirt on the board.


Good to have for the kids but I have yet to try out the product myself. My son just love to try to take it out. I guess it just make him busy someway or another.

Yummy seaweed

These seaweed makes the lunch and dinner more flavorful. The kids will always as for it. However, i think it is a bit on the salty side but I know it is a healthy salt so it is good. It goes well with steam egg as well.

Colourful markers

We get to try our very first set of these colourful markers is when we got it as free gift with the mom boards. My son is in love with the colours. whenever the marker set is finish, he will get me to get another set for him.

Yummy and healthy snack

My kids enjoy all the flavor of these organic rice puff, they call it popcorns. The get to try all flavors and they love it. Hope you can bring in more flavor. Thank you.

Good product

Got it during the sales period. Like the product. It is really air tight. I get to keep almost anything longer in the fridge. I also use it for steam egg with the seaweed. The kids love it.

Pomegranate Juice

My kids prefer the apple more then this pomegranate because it is a little sour as compare to the apple juice. Nevertheless, the adults will finish it. Its a good product to try it out.

Making shower or bathing more interesting

Kids doesn't like to shower, however, this bubble come in handy and make the kids enjoy showering and not coming out of the bathroom.

Smell yummy and make bathing more interesting

This items make my kids want to shower and bath for 24/7. The bubble is thick and smell nice. They enjoy it a lot.

Good replacement straw

This is the third time getting it. My girl likes to break the straw but I like the bottle due to real anti leak. Got a few for backup.

Good quality at reasonable price

Love the sand bundle. It is fun and good quality of the sand. easy to clean up and it can be reuse several times. Happy that kids love it.

Fun Learning Activity

Thank you for the team to prepare such printable material for kids which come in handy during school holiday period.

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