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It is the BEST PLATE so far! The suction is the best! My boy can pull anything out except this plate that he is using! I love the space, depth and enough compartment to put different kinds of food. It’s aesthetically pleasing to our eyes. I pair it up with the tray/cover with bear character on it. Once again, thank you! We love it!


My boy had slight runny nose for days. I gave him 1-2 sachets for a few days and he became better. I am glad. I am taking it when I know my flu is coming! It is so good to know about it this product. It is so convenient to pack these along for holiday! It is a must buy!

Rosy Organic - Healthy Jelly
Antonia Rodriguez

We will pack the jelly sachets with us whenever we go! It keeps my boy occupied and the ingredients in the jelly are good for him at the same time! I’m so happy to know about this product!

Cheese Choco

I didn’t expect this to be sooo gooood! It’s pretty addictive! My boy loves it and I am having it as a popcorn replacement! Great healthy snack to have! Bought more during the promo!

Anela - Squeeze
Antonia Rodriguez
A lot in a pouch

It’s thick and yummy! It lasts for quite some time. My boy likes it. It definitely replaces the intake of fruits need to be consumed daily.


My boy LOVES it! It is exactly like the fresh strawberries! Sweet!

Ivenet Bebe - Finger Cheese
Antonia Rodriguez
Finished in a few minutes

It’s so good! The moment I opened it, my 19 month old boy finished it in minutes! Love it! I tried and like it too!

Ivenet Bebe - Grain Friend
Antonia Rodriguez
Yummy snacks

We love all types! It’s yummy and good as snacks on the go! Perfect size for a toddler to hold on to and munch. The ingredients are superb!

ATOPALM - Top-to-Toe Wash
Antonia Rodriguez
Love the soap

1-2 pumps is enough to wash my 19 month old boy. I like how it feels and washes dirt off easily. My hubby likes using to bathe my boy too.

Kefii - Bath Powder
Antonia Rodriguez
Boom boom boom

My son and I enjoy bath time each time we use BOOM! It smells great, it looks colourful and it washes well.

Antonia Rodriguez
Amazing sand

I am impressed by the quality of the sand. My 19 month old boy plays with his construction vehicles on it. It’s pretty easy to clean go after play. I am looking forward to buying more colours :)

Powerful Powder!

Love this one so much! Makes cleaning easy!
Everything in sink, add powder, add hot water, wash wash later!
Stubborn stains, oily kitchenware / utensils can be removed easily too!
Must have item! You will not regret it!

Easy Shower
Life Saver

I must say i was a bit hesitant to purchase this product. And after few times using it on my active 7 months plus baby, it was no regrets. Only need 10 minutes to shower LO.. Yeah!! It was super time saving as compare to using Bath tub showering..Worth every penny to invest Easy shower stand..lucky i grab it during prelauch period..super easy to use too..First day using it, my LO was super scared and crying...but Now, my LO enjoys it a lot after 3 times familiarise herself with the new shower stand. My LO likes to turn 360°C while on easy shower stand and almost wants to slipped when her body and leg on soaps...thanks to the strong gripping design didnt make her fall...i can say Easy shower stand is very stable, strong and not slippery...importantly my wrist , back and shoulder free from pain from holding my LO during bathtub showering. Strongly recommend to family and friends. Kudos to the the one who invented this product.. And Thank You Toppingskids for bringing in good quality product!! Love it so much!!😍😍😍

Easy Shower
Weiling Chong
Great investment

This is quite pricey but well worth the investment! My baby started to stand around 7 months and since then it’s been a challenge to bathe him! It’s so super dangerous because I’m constantly worried he’ll slip and fall! Not to mention the challenge when I’ve to wash his butt after he poops and there’s no one to help me…. I only have 2 hands but I need to hold him to make sure he doesn’t fall, hold the shower head AND scrub his butt clean. I’ve no idea how other people do it but it was almost impossible?
This easy shower is GOD SENT! Now I can leave him standing with the bars locked in place to make sure he doesn’t wiggle out and fall. And I have both hands available to hold the shower head AND scrub him clean! So so so handy! So good that I can even leave him in it and take a pic of him with my phone hehe! So cute! Thank you for bringing this product in!
Although not cheap but worth every cent! GET IT!!!!

Easy Shower made shower fun!

It was always a struggle to keep my boy standing while showering.
Now, with Easy Shower, it's been much a relieve as showering him is easier and fun.
He enjoys shower more now than before.
It is also easier to change his diapers and clean his bum bum too!
I would really recommend this to all parents!

Great shower tool

We love this new gadget as our 9mo can hold on to the arms while showering. It has been of great help as baby kept wanting to stand in the bathtub in recent times. However, took baby some time to get used to standing in position and he was a little afraid to be “locked in” in the beginning. Happy to have purchased this at the pre-launch.


After using the Easy Shower for the past week, I’m glad I purchased it for my 10 month old who has been repeatedly trying to stand in his bath tub during showers. It has truly been a life saver for my back and saved me lots of anxiety while showering my LO. Even his brothers want in on the fun even though they are 2 and 5 haha. My husband who initially didn’t think it necessary to get this has since changed his mind too and told me it was one of the better purchases we’ve made for our kids. Am happy he approves too!

Easy Shower
Top Parent’s choice product

during solo parenting day, this help me so much!! I no longer have to leave LO alone, boil water n prepare bathtub. I don’t need to worry LO slip n fall when struggle with me, wiggling during bath times. And become lo grew heavier each month, my strength to support is depleting.
I bought two easy showers! One for grandparents and they were super amazed by it. Never seen before in their times and they were converted from their traditional way of bathing baby too. We love it! Thanks for bringing easy shower to SG!

Effective and life saving

Food stain on clothings all gone after mighty power 👍👍👍

Great to keep kids busy

My kids and friends had so much fun setting up and be creative! Safe for toddlers 👍

Love this product

2nd buy and the laundry paper never fail to impress. I have been using laundry pods for the longest time and I have to say that mama forest laundry paper is really better - now we use it mainly to wash our baby's clothing.

Easy Shower
Extra pair of hands

When I first watched the easy shower reel on IG, I knew that this easy shower will be a game changer for showering and washing butt after a poonami incident for my 8 months old. Eversince we got the easy shower, we could grab the towel and dry the baby without worrying that the baby slips, tries to stand, turn around while the baby is in the bathtub or while you hold the baby on your elbow on one hand, the baby shower is very stable and the baby is secured in the easy shower as if there’s one more pair of hands holding the baby! It definitely makes showering and cleaning less stressful daily. You might be thinking why I would pay for this, but to pay for an extra pair of hands during showering or cleaning and feeling less stressful, made the price tag all worth it.

Perfect for both my 2yo & 8mo baby!! 💯

Was a struggle to shower both my kids but with this, showering has been a little breeze now hehe! Really recommended to get this if your lo is on the very active side :) can help to cage him hahaa!! 😊😊

Best investment ever

Easy shower is a MUST have for every family.
Sturdy, easy to use and the quality 👍👍👍👍👍
Now showering / cleaning after my 7 month is so much easier . this one of the best investment I have done for my baby. Super glad I manage to grab it during pre launch period.

Chai Ching Lim

First time using it. It works. You can see the small particles floating on top of water. The fruits are clean after soak for a while. Happy with the products.

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