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Repeat purchase

My 5yo’s absolute fav! Although sugar level is higher than the pear juice (that’s why my 5yo prefers this), still relatively better than others in the market

Convenient bribe

An easy to carry pouch to calm the kids down on the go.. they absolutely love it!

TOKI Art Mat
Best for wet weather plans

Easy to clean, easy to keep! My kid loves playing in it!

Helpful item in kitchen

The natural taste and flavour is a big win for me & LO.

Must have at home

The convenience packing of all goodness in a pack for a day is a huge win over. LO loves it too

Daily necessity

The convenience packing of all goodness in a pack for a day is a huge win over. LO loves it too

Atopalm facial foam wash

Unfortunately my face feels drying and tight after few times of using this cleanser. Guess it might not be suitable for my skin.

Not for me

Unfortunately the scent is too light that it does not covers the smell from the clothings. I had to use 3-4 pieces for a small quantity (baby clothes).

I do like the fact that it is unique and in paper form but unfortunately the scent is too "light".

MODU'I - Silicone Suction Plates

Nothing but amazing

My girl first tried this milk in korea and she loved it (even i enjoyed it too haha). It is very light, not the thick kind of texture. It does not taste fake or processed too! I am so happy that Toki brought this in! The size is perfect for pre schoolers - wont waste money cos they will easily finish it.

Makes cooking super easy

I have been using the Firgi for about a year now & it is really a must have. My kid grew up with it :)
There are so many ways to use it! Either cook 3 different meals (for younger kids), or you can cook 2 large meals (for older kiddos). Highly recommend!

Attipas - Baby Socks
Maizah Hameed
Product packaging not as expected

A little upset. I thought it comes in a box as shown in the picture, so I bought it as a gift. But it came in plastics.

Good to start from young

Convenient with its spray. No excuse to forget to spray on the go

Awesome snack

Probably by far the snack that my LO and myself love so much that I've to stock lotsa during promo

Convenient healthy snack

My 1yo niece & 8yo nephew both tried & liked this enough that I've to stock this at home.

Great for adult too

Added this to my meal shake and the shake just tasted yummier


Superbly useful item to have in the kitchen for the last ~2yrs. Bonus is that there is no expiry date so it is ok to just buy in bulk. Just ordered the sachets so i can easily bring overseas to wash local fruits !


Yummy and convenient to eat!


Very convenient to bring around and the packaging is super cute


The packaging looks so nice for a start!
It was a bit hard to control the flow (if drink fr the sachet w/0 a straw) and a bit thick for my 3yo's tastebud so i water it down w the same amt of water into the eeek medicator :) and refrigerate it. No problem for him thereafter!


My 3yo will ask for this before he leaves for school daily. Convenient to bring overseas too.

Yummy rice puffs!

My son loves having this with his puree and porridge! Whenever he can't finish his puree or porridge, I just have to pop this into his bowl and mix a little, he will finish the rest! The size is good for BLW as well. Perfect for babies to practise their pincer grip!

Melts in your mouth!

My son has tried a couple of brands but so far Ivenet is his favourite. It is easy for him to hold and the taste is mild. Good if you don't want to introduce snacks that are too flavourful at the start.

MODU'I - [Upgraded] One-Touch Straw Cup

A good snack for little ones

Its not too sweet and fairly milky with a mild cheesey taste

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