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Repeated purchase!

Very fragrant bibim sauce! :) healthier option too

Repeated purchase

Value for money and it’s a better juice for the kids!


I am a huge fan of Rooibos tea, so happy when this is available!

Bye bye mucus concentrate sachet

Adding this to her daily intake!

My kids love it!

Bought the strawberry flavour. My kids loved it and kept asking for more! Great snack.

Awesome product

Tried so many showergel for my son with eczema, this is the best wash so far! I love that it is not drying to his skin.

Easy and tastey broth. Bought for traveling

I usually make home made chicken brother to go with noodles or rice for my girl. But we plan to travel and wanted an alternative. This has no salt. Easy to use and travel with. Love it.

Love all play mobile toys

Been looking for water play toys they can include story telling and pretend play. Love this is not too huge and easy to put away. Can play at home and outside.

Rosy organic - bye bye mucus concentrate sachet

My son love to eat everyday, is a long term supplement for him. Thank you TOPPINGSKIDS for all the good products for baby to adults..

This works!

I personally tried the concentrate sachet when having scratchy throat, and it helped relieve the symptoms after taking it for 3 days! Now i add it to my child's oatmeal

So convenient

Very happy with the fast delivery service and the product packaging and great design!!

My daughter LOVES it

Very happy with the fast delivery service and the product packaging and great taste!

Love it! Tasty!

There are some shredded chicken inside. Easy to prepare (it complements Ikan bilis powder and vegetables powder) and nutritious too! Not salty at all. Even the adults love it! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Although recommended for 3yo above, my 2yo loves it!

Easy to use

Easy to pop in mouth after brushing and chew. However not recommended for breastfeeding mums. I think it has ingredients that decreases milk supply, which happened to me. So now my husband takes the probiotic instead. Haha.

Whiteboard Cleaner
Rosaline Tan
Effective on white board

Very effective on white board. Very happy with purchase and delivery. Works on wood too. But be careful don't spray on walls or mats accidentally as it will remove their paint. Made that mistake.

Eeeek - StoryMould
Rosaline Tan
Cute and multi-purpose

Used it for ice painting with my toddler. She had so much fun, till it melted. Haha. Can use for other purposes too! Very happy with purchase and delivery

Easy to drink

Mildly flavoured so my toddler also don't mind drinking. I end up drinking myself too due to the flu. Can really feel I recovered faster! Very happy with purchase and delivery

Easy for little hands

Bought this for other reasons other than paint because it's the easiest spray bottle for little hands. Very happy with purchase and delivery.

TOKI Art Mat
Angela Wang
Easy to fold


Love the Compact sunblock

Its easy to carry around and i like that there is a click to dispense more. I end up using for myself for day to day. Time to get the refills!

Creative magnet construction play

Another addition to construction building toy for my boys.
Pros - Allows creative stacking and building. May need to get more expansion pieces. It is q durable too. My boys stepped on them 😅 its still in the first month though. Elder boy enjoy building although the younger one keeps destroying. On a side note, my younger one shows his skill of putting together same shapes.
Cons - magnetic may snap swiftly and my younger boy (23months) got 'kiap' while exploring to put 2 pcs together.

Helps stop the scratching!

Second time purchase because it really works to prevent my little one from scratching the mosquito bites until it bleeds! The patch reduces the itching and when there is a patch there, he will not scratch it. The patch also reduces the swelling, as he has an allergic reaction to the mosquito bites and the bite usually swells up quite big. With the patch, it keeps the bite to the size of the plaster. He is two year old but knows he has to leave the patch on for a few days and it will drop off by itself!

Drawing Car
Samantha Ang
Drawing bus

Nice, they can paint those color they like. Let them to be more creative on it.

Add-on Stories
Melody Ng
Love these stories

I used the Story machine every night with my girl. It's a good way to enjoy a story without having to read it, and it's also great that it's not a screen.

Lighter option for humid sea countries

Bought this to try after buying panthenol cream, good option for sea countries and india after serum!

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