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ToppingsKids 5th Anniversary with Singapore Red Cross

ToppingsKids 5th Anniversary with Singapore Red Cross

Another fruitful year has passed, and here we are celebrating ToppingsKids 5th Anniversary!

This journey was not easy, but the bonds we have forged and the close-knitted community we have built throughout these years made everything worthwhile.

It was not a one-man show. It is with the entire Team TOKI, and our dear TOKI Family who have been constantly giving us feedback to learn and grow. Thank you ❤️

As we can only come this far with the support of our TOKI Community, we wanted to share the generous love that we have received with others in need. 

After searching for organisations that directly impact those in need, we are glad to be given the opportunity to support Red Cross Home for the Disabled (RCHD) and aid with their daily necessities.

Therefore, in conjunction with our 5th Anniversary, we donated $5000 to RCHD.

❤️ $4560 goes to adopting a resident at RCHD for a year, supporting his daily necessities.
• Diapers ($1200)⁠
• Toiletries ($240)⁠
• Clothing ($360)⁠
• Ensure Milk Powder ($1560)

⁠• Thickener ($1200)⁠ ⁠

❤️ The remaining $440 goes to supporting the Christmas and Quarterly Celebrations for residents born between October and December.

Furthermore, we were invited to visit the Red Cross Home for the Disabled to celebrate the residents birthday and Christmas together!

Immediately after confirming the dates, we decided that we needed to do something special. It's birthday and Christmas celebration after all right?!

🥰 Dance? Sing? How about both! We started choreographing and practised the dance moves daily.

13 Dec 2022 - Celebration Day! 

📍 Red Cross Home for the Disabled

Once we reached the Home, it was time to set up and decorate the place before the residents join us!

We picked ATOPALM MLE Lotion and Soothing Gel Lotion for their presents as Red Cross shared with us how their skin tends to get dry easily. Hopefully, ATOPALM lotions will moisturise their skin to help them feel better! 

We prepared some DIY shakers made with paper cups too, for an interactive shake-a-long session!

The residents are here!

And with every Christmas party, there will be Santa Claus! 🎅🏻 

1, 2, 3, SMILE! While waiting for everything to be set up, it was photo-taking time! Always stay this happy, ok? 🥰

Performance Time!

For some of us, it was our first dance performance on stage. Despite our limited dancing skills 🤣, we gave our all! 

It was really heartening to see the residents and their family members smiling throughout. Some even danced along! ❤️Afterward, the Santa and Santarinas came down the stage to guide the residents to shake the shakers to the beat of the songs.

Their faces immediately lit up with joy! Some even shook along with their own movements! 🥰 ⁠

It may be something small, but this memory has been etched in our hearts.⁠

After the short performance, it was time to sing the birthday song and cut the cakes!

We can definitely not miss out on the best part, eating the cakes!

It felt really endearing while feeding them the cakes, as they enjoyed every mouth that was given to them. Thank you for eating so well ❤️
Quenching thirst with Tutti Frutti! We are glad it was well-loved by the residents too!
One-by-one, we gave each of the residents their birthday presents! Happy Birthday!~ 🥰

All these are only possible with your support, TOKI Family ❤️ ⁠ We are blessed to have many like-minded parents like you who believe in what we do. This allows us to share the generous love we have received with others in need.

We hope you, TOKI Family, who have been supporting us take pride in knowing that you have contributed to this donation as we couldn’t have done it without you!

These efforts may not be something big, but we believe they will blossom into something bigger!⁠ 🥰⁠ ⁠

If you would like to help, be it physically or financially, there is more information on the Singapore Red Cross website 🙌🏻⁠ ⁠

As the saying goes “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” ⁠

Let's spread our joy and share our love, #SpreadLovewithTOKI ❤️

Happy 5th Anniversary, ToppingsKids! 

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