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ToppingsKids is the Sole Distributor of Various Sought-after Brands from Korea, in Singapore

ToppingsKids is the Sole Distributor of Various Sought-after Brands from Korea, in Singapore

It enables us to work very closely with our partners in Korea and make tailoring to our TOKI family’s needs possible, drawing the geographical distance closer.

By sharing the highly-raved Korean products to this little red dot, Chloe hopes to bring all the goodness from her first home - Korea to her second - Singapore.

It is definitely baby steps, but it means everything to Team TOKI.

We have to bring forward the reputation of the brands by conveying their true brand story and protect the brand assets of our partners. Therefore, we have to work on trust and authenticity - for both our customers and our partners. 

We spend a great amount of time researching, quality checking, to-and-fro feedback with our partners and eventually bringing in the products that we truly believe in. After multiple testings and testimonials on our own, we work hard on delivering genuine information to our customers through our platforms. 

However, it does not end here. We pride ourselves on transparency and are always open to feedback. We thank you for all the suggestions and feedback that we have received throughout the years that made us grow into who we are today!

An ongoing process, we constantly update the HQ with your feedback, allowing ToppingsKids to carry products that are tailored to you.





There were occasions when we wanted to share products that are highly sought-after in Korea with our customers, however, the HQ in Korea was satisfied with just their domestic market.

They did not want to or know how to step foot internationally. As we strongly believed in the products, we persuaded them and showed them how their products will be loved by many others in Singapore.

Promising that we will convey their brand story authentically and work closely on how we advertise their products, the HQ gave it a go and the rest is history.

Now, products such as our very first brand MOMSBOARD and the latest Warmgrey Tail have been well-loved by our TOKI community and we are extremely grateful! 

Most of our partners in Korea value the branding and how well they can get feedback internationally, rather than the sales figure. Therefore, our partners work closely with us, and always appreciate how we focus more on delivering the value of their brand and their stories to customers in Singapore and internationally.

Especially as most of our products are heavily used by young children, we will highly recommend parents to purchase products that are distributed properly - officially authorised by the HQ in Korea

This not only certifies the authenticity of the products, but it also means proper quality control of goods and after-sales services whenever necessary.

As we are working very closely with the HQ, any issues with the product will immediately be alerted and addressed by the HQ.

There are some areas that we need to improve on such as our recovery service for certain brands/products, but we will strive to be better every time with your sincere and productive feedback!

We apologise that we will not be responsible for any issues on products that are purchased from other sellers or Groupbuys that are not authorised by us or the HQ.

ToppingsKids’ official resellers are listed on our website under 'Store Locator', based in Singapore and overseas. You may purchase from them as well with peace of mind.

Click here to be directed to the list of Official stores and Resellers of ToppingsKids.

Our partners and we have worked hard to bring the best products to you, our precious customers. Without your tremendous support over these years, it would not have been possible to bring so many reputable and trustworthy brands to Singapore.

If there are many unauthorised sellers in our market, it will not only directly affect the brands in Korea, but also affect our partnership with them as well.

With all that said, we thank YOU, our TOKI Family, for choosing and believing in ToppingsKids. With your trust in us, we will continue to bring in more quality products for a creative childhood and happy parenting to this Little Red Dot where we call home :)

Happy Parenting with ToppingsKids! 

With LOVE, 
Chloe & Team ToppingsKids


*ToppingsKids is the Sole Distributor of all the brands we carry in Singapore, with the exception of Connetix.

ToppingsKids is the Sole Distributor of the German brand, Moskinto, in Singapore. 

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