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About OraTicx

Kickstarted by Dr. Jong-Suk Oh

The Beginning of Research on Probiotics for Oral Health, Which Was Conducted by Dr. Jong-Suk Oh

Dr. Oh was researching at the UCLA School of Dentistry. While he was there, his worry for his own oral health, which never seemed to be improving despite his everyday efforts to improve it, grew bigger.
Traditional oral care didn't cut it. No toothbrush, floss, or mouthwash could put a dent in eliminating the problems completely. Dr. Oh, therefore, sought out for new solutions to the problems.

He got finally an idea when he was conducting a study on the microbiome and finally found the cause of several problems but not without finding the solution.

OraTicx's research institute has its origins in the research on probiotics for oral health conducted by Dr. Oh in the Medical School at Chonnam National Univ. in 1997 in South Korea. The team led by Dr. Oh believed that probiotics would play a promising role as a next-generation solution in oral management.

They, therefore, isolated probiotic strains which have beneficial effects on oral disease prevention and management, adopted names for those strains, and finally found that those strains have great potential for becoming a solution in oral management.


We have been conducting countless studies

Our story started long back in 1997, under a theory that oral microbiome is crucial to your oral health. In the years since, we have continued to pave the way with breakthroughs that have found causes of the oral health problems as well as natural solutions. After conducting over 25 years’ worth of studying the ROOT problem of dental hygiene, OraTicx has the potential to increase your immunity, balance microbiome and improve your overall health.

Read up on the research here

Probiotics for Oral Health

1 U.S Patent and 8 Korean Patents

Our patented probiotics offers a fundamental solution to various oral health problems and helps restore balance to your oral microbiome.




The Leader of Oral Microbiome

Based on continuous research

Areas of Research

Probiotics for holistic Oral Health

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