MODU'I - Silicon Baby Spoon (2EA Set)
MODU'I - Silicon Baby Spoon (2EA Set)
MODU'I - Silicon Baby Spoon (2EA Set)

MODU'I - Silicon Baby Spoon (2EA Set)

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Contains TWO spoons of the same colour in Each Case!
Blue Mama’s Baby Food Spoon that can’t be seen anywhere else!
With a safe and soft silicon material, it protects the children’s teeth and gums when coming in contact to prevent any injuries.
Similar to the texture of teething tots and pacifiers, children can easily use it as they are familiar to the texture and will not reject it.
With an erognomic design, the grip of mommies’ hands and safe length of the spoon makes the design extremely comfortable for scooping baby food.
The curves of the spoon is to prevent it from slipping away from the hands, making it convenient to scoop baby food.
The reason why children try to steal the bowl when giving them baby food is because when scooping the baby food with the spoon, there’s very little amount of food on the spoon and it leaves an insatiable desire in the child.
Scooping out how much you want and straight into the baby’s mouth~
Made at an appropriate length, it does not go deep into the baby’s mouth so it’s definitely safe to use!
If it curves easily because it is silicon, it cannot be used properly right?
Our Baby Spoon! 
It does not get squished and you can scoop up a lot of food without it dropping it. Hold it and use it conveniently. 
There are three different phases of baby food - Starter, Intermediate and Advance.
It goes by the age of the baby. Since its sturdy, it can scoop more amount of food, therefore mommies do not need to get different spoons for all phases.
It can even scoop solid foods.
Soaking sterilisation, microwave and other sterilisation methods are all possible to use to clean the utensils. (Case is not suitable for sterilisation.)
A necessary item to store the spoon hygienically to go outdoors conveniently! Never seen before “baby food spoon case”, the spoon is a product that goes into our children’s mouth so we have to store it safely!!
The spoon does not touch the 4 corners of the case so it’s even more hygienic than before.
Blue Mama is different, with a sophisticated case innovation. Each and every product made with sincerity, that’s Blue Mama products for you.
Let Blue Mama Modu i be with your child’s touching moments of receiving their first baby utensils ^^ Baby food is considered “the second birth” and it is precious to our children.
Filled with the love of mommies’ hearts to wanting to give only the best, we made the baby food spoon with safe silicon and ensured it was 100% locally produced.
Make homemade baby food safely with Blue Mama MODU'I’s Baby Food Spoon ^^
Dishwasher, boiling water, oven, microwave, feeding bottle sterilisers are all usable for washing the product.
(Direct fire exposure is not allowed / heat-resisting temperature up to 250 degrees, please use the product under appropriate temperatures to protect the product for long term use.)
(In the case of feeding bottle sterilisers, there may be special scents coming from the product after using UV sanitisation so please take note.)
Before purchasing, please take note of these few points.
During the manufacturing process, these are all natural phenomena and are thus not allowed as reasons for exchange or refunds.
1. When the silicon is placed in the mould during the compression, some vague lines are created and they remained on the container.
2. There may be instances where there are 1 to 2 dots, where the colour is not spread well across the container during the production of the product. They will not drop off and are not harmful to the human body so be assured that the product is still safe for use.
3. During the production process, there may be scratches or marks created. Although we do conduct quality checks, if it is severe, please contact us for an exchange/refund.

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